Bible Study

When I Don’t Feel Like Reading My Bible

March 8, 2017

stared at my Bible lying open, but untouched on the counter. Behind me the coffee brewed and upstairs my family still slept; this was my time. My time to read, pray, write… whatever it was that God had for me that morning this was time to do it. And I normally cherished those moments of quiet, but not that morning. That morning I simply didn’t …

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Abide in Me

April 5, 2016

There was once a time in my life when I had quiet times every day for an hour or longer. I soaked up the Word and had all the time I wanted to sit and be with God. Birds sang. Sweet smelling breezes filled the air. Cute little mice and other woodland creatures did the chores for me… I kid, I kid… about the animals; …

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