Hi, I'm Elizabeth!

Writer * Speaker * Wife * Mom * Geek

I grew up in a world filled with adventure and mystery. A world where dragons filled the skies, magic spells posed a very real threat, and one lion, in particular, was good, but not very safe. It was a world of hope, love, and bravery; a world found in the aisles of the library and the pages of well-worn books. Books swept me away to new places and different times, taught me about people, and showed me the power of a good story. And I love a good story.

Stories have the power to teach, to heal, to transform. But none more than the very real story found in the pages of the Bible. It was there, in the word of God, that I was given a taste of radical, life-changing grace. And more than any story, I love to talk about God’s grace and his plan for women. As a young woman, I came to understand that God’s plan for women is more exciting, more daring, and more important than I had ever dreamed

As a writer and speaker, I make it my goal to bring gospel truths to life in a way that is honest, inviting, full of grace, and deeply rooted in the truth of Scripture. I speak at women’s conferences and retreats and have years of experience leading small groups and Bible studies.

Let’s face it, I still visit faraway lands, leaps over rooftops, and fight bad guys with the best of them. But when I’m not doing all that, I’m skillfully avoiding heaps of laundry and navigating the Lego minefield that is my family room floor. You can usually find me with a cup of coffee in hand, wrangling kids around, and doing my best to make sure that everyone has clean clothes to wear. So come on in, grab a cup of coffee and a chair, and chat. If you’re lucky, I’ll even share my Swedish fish with you. Just don’t be surprised if, in addition to God’s purpose and plan for women, I also talk to you about what life would be like on the Tardis… or the Enterprise… or Serenity… I’m kinda geeky that way.

I’m so glad you’re here!

I have my Masters in Theological Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary and live in Northern Virginia with my amazingly supportive husband and three goofy kids. You can find more of my writing at The Gospel Coalition (here), Christ and Pop Culture, and enCourage.  My first book, Freedom to Flourish, will be out in April 2021.

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