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July 28, 2018

Pink, What About Us, and Honesty

July 28, 2018

“Three mornings a week I watch my youngest hop out of the car and skip up to the door of her preschool. I wave a thank you to her teacher, pull out of the parking lot, and then do what I always do when I’m in the car alone, crank up the volume. Driving alone is one of the few times in my day when I can listen to my music the way I want to — loud. I try to keep in mind the drivers around me, I really do, but the truth is, I really want the dashboard to rattle. I want the song, whatever it might be, to fill the car. I want it to swirl like a tornado or fall like the softest snow. I want to sink into it or be carried away. And good music does both. I am the sort of person who doesn’t just want to listen to the music; I want to experience it…”

I wrote about Pink’s song “What About Us” over at Christ and Pop Culture. Check it out here!

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